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Project Sailboat

Sailboat is a 3D animated documentary about the inspiration and construciton of the BeamCustom sailboat.

Web Rowen.jpg


From inspiration, to process, to an emotional first boat launch on father's day: Sailboat is a sentimental look at taking on large projects for

simple reasons. 


The production process starts with storyboarding to develop an asset list

WEB StoryBoard Page 1.jpg
WEB StoryBoard Page 2.jpg
WEB Assetlist.jpg
Shop inprogress RENDER 1.jpg

Asset Creation

Assets are created in Blender using a number of different modeling and texturing techniques. For most objects, reference photos and textures are projection mapped to 3D models.

Joiner inprogress 1.png
Joiner inprogress 2.png
Joiner inprogress 3.png

The same reference diagrams used to build the original boat are used to model the 3D duplicate.

Custom Materials

Creating a replica for the deck texture was very important for capturing the look of the boat. I used two different image textures for each of the woods, mahogany and pine.


I then made the texture seamless in order for it to repeat along the entire length of the boat. This allows the texture to scale infinitely.


Not seamless.



To get the appropriate shine for the material, I combined the roughness maps of both woods for the final texture.


Together, the black and white values of this image create a realistic variation in shine.

Screen Shot 2021-04-25 at 11.13.52
DeckMAT shine2.png

Final Compositing

Due to the limitation of render times, I made sure to trim the fat of the project, as well as change the render settings depending on the complexity of the shot.

Screen Shot 2021-04-25 at 12.32.32

In this instance, in order to save on render time, I split the video into four simple renders and faded between them.

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