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I work from the ground up, taking on each stage of the creative process. My projects incorporate sound design, animation, and compositing.


3D scanning, modeling from image textures, posing assets, and soft body animation.


Project Sailboat

Sailboat is a 3D animated documentary about the inspiration and construciton of the BeamCustom sailboat.



My graphic design work is focused in type setting, minimalism, and logic.

Pencil Infographic

Infographic about a single pencil that has stayed in my backpack for over three years.

Environment Image Typography

Inspired by surrealism, appropriate typography.

Paul Rand Book Cover

Short Book about Paul Rand in the style of Kinfolk Magazine

Stage 1

The following three pieces are redesigns of the First Things First Design Manifesto, transitioning from legible to illegible as following the ideas in the text. Stage 1: Legible, gridded, type.

Type variant of a logo designed for the Wester Ranger Recon

Logo variant for the Western Ranger Recon. Turned into a physical patch.



I have skills in 2D Motion Graphics, 3D Modeling/Animation, Compositing, Video Editing, Graphic Design, Cracking Jokes, and Woodworking.

I’m a natural problem solver and tinkerer. I spend much of my time chuckling at details, including but not limited to when programs just make no sense.
I am well versed in the creative suite, the processes and pipelines of 2D and 3D motion graphics, creating assets, illustration, graphic design, and typography. I work to pinpoint the most efficient process of developing an idea into a finished product. This is always my goal and is an absolute pleasure to pursue.