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Graphic Design

Pencil Infographic

Infographic about a single pencil that has stayed in my backpack for over three years.

Environment Image Typography

Inspired by surrealism, appropriate typography.

Paul Rand Book Cover

Short Book about Paul Rand in the style of Kinfolk Magazine

Stage 1

The following three pieces are redesigns of the First Things First Design Manifesto, transitioning from legible to illegible as following the ideas in the text. Stage 1: Legible, gridded, type.

Stage 2

Stage 2: Completely legible, however distorted through type variation.

Stage 3

Stage 3: Illegible type, however the composition still communicates the message of the manifesto.

Type variant of a logo designed for the Wester Ranger Recon

Logo variant for the Western Ranger Recon. Turned into a physical patch.

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